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Key Performance Indicators

Even more so nowadays, it is critical to identify Key Performance Indicators for effective, sustainable and controllable business growth.So what is a KPI?A KPI is a measurable value towards the progress of a intended result. In themselves, they are not the goals or targets but the measurement of the goals or targets. A good example of a crucial KPI would be PROFIT! This would be reviewed to ...

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On 31 December 2021

Total Books Covid 19 - personal finances article from CARDIFF personal tax advisors

The coronavirus pandemic has left us worrying about our finances as well as health. Below is a guide of numerous places that are helping with our day to day outgoings. if you need any further help please contact total books directly. ? Complete a personal budgetlink here. Stop non urgent costs & reduce urgent costs. ? Three-month mortgage payment ...

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On 9 March 2021

Management Accounts

Management Accounts provides you an insight of your business’s financial information. A timely management account is a crucial part of the business that will help you in important decision making with confidence as you will have the real-time and up-to-date financial data in your hand. Our bookkeeping service compliments management account preparation service which will further be more ...

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On 8 March 2021